Journal of Railway Science and Engineering(ISSN 1672-7029, CN43-1423/U), formally known as Journal of Changsha Railway University,started in 1979. Approved by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and GAPP after Central South University was formed in 2004. It is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive academic journal under the supervision of Ministry of Education and sponsored by Central South University and China Railway Society.

It is one of CSCD source journals (core library), Chinese core journals and source of China's science and technology papers statistical journal, journal of Chinese periodical full-text collection, China academic journals (cd-rom version) full-text journals, one of the source journals in China academic journal comprehensive evaluation database, ChinaInfo—digital periodical group, one of the full text inclusion periodical journals, journal of Chinese sci-tech periodical database high-quality goods included.It was also included in international databases such as American chemical abstracts (CA, 2014) and Japan science and technology promotion agency database (JST,2018).

The journal is positioned as a publication to introduce newly developed theories, technologies, equipment, processes and materials relating to China’s railway science and technology development. It also reports on new international developments and updates in railway science and technology.It mainly publishes academic papers in the field of railway engineering, bridge engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, tunnel engineering, disaster prevention engineering, locomotive and vehicle, railway traffic equipment engineering, refrigeration air-conditioning, transportation planning and management, logistics engineering, traffic engineering, traffic information engineering and control.

The journal has won “the Hunan excellent publication award”, “Top ten natural science journals of Hunan province” and “Top 100 Chinese universities science and technology journals”. The journal was included in the Echelon Journal project of “China’s Science Journal Excellence Plan of Action ” in 2019.

ISSN 1672-7029
CN 43-1423/U
POST CODE: 42-59

Administrated: Ministry of Education,P.R.China Sponsored: Central South University,China Railway Society
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